What is the volume of the prism?Enter your answer in the box as a mixed number in simplest form. ft³

Accepted Solution

The volume prism refers to the number of cubic units that will exactly fill the figure. The volume of a rectangular prism can be found or calculate by using the formula V=Bh, where B represents to the area of the base or in other words the length and width of the rectangle.

In this exercise is given that the measurements of a prism are 5/2ft, 3/2ft, and 7/2ft; and it is asked to find its volume. In order to find the volume of the prism, you should substitute the given values into the previous mention formula.

V=(5/2 ft)(7/2 ft)(3/2 ft)
V=(35/4 ft²)(3/2 ft)
V=105/8ft³  or [tex]13 \frac{1}{8} [/tex]ft³

The volume of the rectangular prism is [tex]13 \frac{1}{8} [/tex]ft³.