The image shows the graph of T , the temperature (in Fahrenheit) over a 20-hour period in PeachTree City as a function of time T 1. Estimate T(10)2. If t=0 corresponds to 12:00 midnight, interpret what is meant by T(12) in words3. Estimate the highest temperature during this period from the graph.4. When was the temperature decreasing?5. If Taylor Swift wants to go for a two-hour hike and return before the temperature getsover 70 degrees, when should she leave?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. T(10) = 802. if t = 0 is 12am, then t = 12 is 12pm, as 12 hours would have passed since then. T(t) is the change in temperature, so when t = 12, T(12) β‰ˆ 85. So when it was 12pm, the temperature was 85Β°F. 3. The maxima of the graph is at t = 16, T(16) = 90 degrees is the highest temperature during this period.4. Temperature was decreasing during the time interval (16, 20), that is 4pm to 8pm5. When t < 6 is when T(t) < 70. Therefore, she may leave at t = 0 or 12am.Step-by-step explanation: